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Customer Support Solution

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Live Sales Staff

If only you could expand your business hours so you could take advantage of each customer looking for you ? But no one wants to be open late for only 2 customers that come in...

Convenience, Customer Loyalty, Phenomenal Customer Support....

Every great company focuses on these 3 things, however it is a very expensive line item in their P&L each year. With LSS, we can help you achieve these goals and reduce your staffing costs at the same time.

The majority of our clients funnel their clients through their website for online booking, online sales and customer support, thus reducing the need for in house staff to handle those tasks.

This allows you to keep the superstars in your company and get rid of the staff that you only have around cause you need an extra warm body in case it gets busy.

Chat Now - always available

Online Booking Solution

Online Sales Solution

starting at $900

starting at $1200

starting at $2500

  1. -Expand your business hours 24/7/365

  2. -Instant response through online chat

  3. -Improved Customer Support Experience

  1. -Booking agents online 24/7/365

  2. -Instant Concierge Experience

  3. -Increased Customer Bookings

  4. -Reduced Missed Appointments

  1. -Online Sales Team Available 24/7/365

  2. -Increase Online Sales Conversions

  3. -Instant Online Marketing Improvement

  4. -Highly Trained Sales Agents

The Major Banks have set the stage for online services....

             Do you or your customers still go in to a teller or call the branch to find your bank balance?

The answer is “No”, the banks have made a point to train you to go online to get your balance, transfer money etc..