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How can you understand our products/services, we are very complex?

It is kinda funny... as every company seems to say the same thing. Everyone seems to think that their product and company is so complex that no one else can do it. When it reality, you probably have lots of competition, in fact you have trained staff before, even you had to understand this information, so it can be learned.

LSS only hires superstars, we go through a massive amount of HR in order to find the perfect staff that learn quickly and take pride in what they do. We have built in tools that assist our staff as well as online exams that keep our team up to date on all of your products, pricing and company nuances.

Live Sales Staff  FAQ

How are we assured you will do as good a job as our internal people?

Most companies have an organization that has one fantastic person and at least one that you could live without. The ultimate goal would be to replicate your superstar so that everyone will provide that high level of customer service.

LSS works on performance, so we work with you to define the experience you want for your visitors, and the results that you want to pay for. It is up to our teams to meet and exceed those expectations in order for us to keep our clients. Unlike most of your salaried staff, we have to perform in order for us to get paid ;)

Are there any long term commitments with your service?

We provide month to month services, so it is flexible for you and your organization. However for many of our clients we will provide them with long term contracts so that they are confident we are committed to providing service for that term. As long as we have 30 days notice for cancellations that is all we require.

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